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Preparing to sell your Home

So, you have decided on your selling price and gathered information ready to sell. You are on your way to an exciting new start.

The next steps are crucial to the success of your sale. If you choose our experienced team to take you through this process, then we will help you make the best preparations for selling your home. Small changes that you make can help your home appeal to buyers straight away. Read our top tips for how to prepare your home for photographs and ultimately viewings.

Alternatively, contact our friendly estate agents for a friendly chat about your property and how best to prepare it for sale.

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Top tips for preparing to sell your house

house cleaning

Keep things clean and clear

Remove rugs, excess furniture, clutter and personal ornaments. Buyers judge room sizes by how much floor space they can see, and in the kitchen how much work surface is clear. Get rid of anything that does not add to the presentation and that could be distracting to a viewer. This includes cars on the driveway and children’s toys.

Set the scene

Think of your home appearing in a glossy magazine and dress it as they would. Perhaps include a fruit bowl in the kitchen. Rustic chopping boards and fresh bread always make a kitchen look homely and fresh flowers brighten any room. You can also use candles, nice books and plants to dress fireplaces, coffee tables and windows. Keep a clean duvet to one side ready to dress the beds when needed. In bathrooms, fluffy white towels and spa-style toiletries can add a luxury feel.

Don’t forget the outside

No matter how good the inside looks, if the garden is overgrown it instantly has a negative effect. Dress the garden, as you would your house. Place pretty plant pots on walls or tables. Use lanterns and tea lights to show the space can be enjoyed in the evening too. Keep your photographs in keeping with the seasons, so they look fresh and up-to-date.

Brief the photographer

Share any features, suggest lifestyle shots, tell the photographer what time the sun will be on the front and back. Two visits may be required to capture this, but it is important to use the light to your advantage. Put lamps on, turn lights off, create an ambient atmosphere.


Create the atmosphere for viewings

Think about the things that make you relax. Plump cushions, maybe light the fire, cover any aging sofas with throws that look cosy and inviting. Where needed and safe to do so light a candle. Make the buyer feel at home.

Next steps – Let us help

Unlike most estate agents, we will help you through this process. Our Home selling consultants will suggest changes and provide tips that you can then apply. So, you never need to worry about not knowing how to make your home look best, that is what we are here for.

We will also do all the viewings for you, presenting your home in its best light, at the best time of day where possible and explaining its key features. You can download our Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Home which will also help you to ensure nothing is missed.