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Struggling to sell your home

If your home has been on the market for a long period of time, something is not right and it may be best to simply start again. The uncertainty can cause strain, but it doesn’t have to. You can take back control of your house sale and make it a reality. Don’t be afraid to start again with a new estate agent, a new approach. We can suggest simple changes that will make the difference and help you sell your home.

Speak to one of our friendly and knowledgable estate agents today and we will talk you through your options and make recommendations.

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Things to consider if you are struggling to sell your home


Presentation of your home

Make sure you are getting feedback from your estate agent, so you can apply any improvements. You may just need to change the time of viewings, have more preparation time, move cars or toys. It may be something as simple as removing a rug, changing bed coverings, changing a lightshade, or reorganising a space and applying a coat of paint. Download our Checklist – Preparing to Sell (form).

Adding Potential

Recent events have taught us the value of having outdoor space to relax in and the impact that it can have on your mood. To a buyer your outdoor space is the first thing they see. So, what impact is your current outdoor space having on them? How does it make you feel? Could you make any improvements to raise its appeal?

Working from home is now very much at the front of people’s minds, so when they are considering a house move, they may look for an office space as part of their new home. Do you have a designated space that could appeal to them? If not, can you create one?



How is your home presented? Is it getting picked up online, is it standing out from the crowd? Review your current marketing critically as well as your agent’s performance. It might sound harsh, but you have to be number one and if you don’t feel you are getting the right support or a personal service, then change. Sometimes it is best to get a fresh perspective.


Price should be the last thing you change. If you are confident that both the presentation and promotion are correct and no further potential can be added, then you should consider the price. Could an adjustment in your price bracket mean that you are appealing to more of the right people?


Next step – Find out why your home is not selling

Our Home Saleability Consultation provides suggestions as to why your home has not sold yet. You will know then what steps you need to take to attract the right buyer and how to implement these changes for the best possible outcome. So, change the direction of your selling journey and book an appointment.

What Our Customers Say

“After many months of being on the market with a local agent and reducing the price of our beloved family home, we still had very little interest and we were at our wits end. Claire was recommended to us. Once she began marketing our home, not only was the difference in the photography and the write up immediately apparent, but we suddenly had floods of viewings. Within just a few short weeks, we had accepted an offer we were very happy with. Finally, we were able to relocate to our retirement home in the Yorkshire Dales where we yearned to be”
Judith and Roger