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Thinking of selling your home

You may have been thinking of moving house for quite a while now or you may be embarking on a new adventure. It’s a big decision, you want to take that leap but you have a lot of memories where you are, we understand that.

To help you make your decision and take those first steps towards selling your house, we have put together a list of the main things to consider when thinking about selling your home. It may help you to feel better prepared to embark on your new adventure.

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Things to consider before contacting an estate agent

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Time of year

Think about the time of year that you want to sell. What features will shine in this period. How can the season enhance your home?

Spring clean

Add to your home’s value by letting it shine. Remove any clutter, clean thoroughly. We all love the feeling of space, so ask yourself if you really need all your furniture in place or could some pieces be packed away ready for the move? Box up anything you won’t need in the immediate future allowing you to reassess the space you have to work with. If you are tight on time, we can recommend house cleaning specialists that will help present your house in its best light.

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Finish that ‘To Do’ List

If you have outstanding DIY jobs, or areas that would benefit from a new coat of paint, then make sure you get those finished before you commence the selling journey. Where possible stick to light colours that maximise the feeling of space.

Prepare documentation

Start to gather useful documentation like guarantees for windows, energy efficiency certificates if you have them and maintenance information such as gas surveys and boiler services. You will also need any Building Regulations or Planning Certificates for extensions and confirmation of freehold/leasehold status.

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Choose the right partner

Pick an estate agent that is suitable for your needs. Look at their previous stories, ask people for referrals and meet with them to make sure you will have a good working relationship.

Next step – What you can expect from a home moving consultation with us?

We understand that you will have lots of questions at this point. Should I move? Can I afford to move? Is now the right time to move? We’re here to answer these questions but not before we get to know you and your home.

You can rely on our service to go the extra mile. We don’t just provide a valuation, we discuss your needs, we talk to you about the features of your property. We look at the current market and any similar properties in the area. We assess the market value and recommend a marketing strategy for your property. All providing you with the information to make those important decisions.

What Our Customers Say

“I've never sold a property before and was daunted by it all to say the least. I interviewed a few of the main estate agents, then Claire. There was no comparison at all. The main Estate Agent's didn't ask any relevant questions and didn't even have an idea of the ideal selling price. Claire asked everything, answered everything and had done her research on my property before we even met. The process has been smooth, slick and most of all personal. Claire has gone out of her way to contact me every other day to update me on the progress. I'm so happy and will be recommending her where-ever I go!”