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Trying to sell your home

You are excited to be starting on a new adventure and may even have seen your new home, but selling your property is holding you back. If your home has been on the market for a few months already, you can start to feel under pressure, disappointed and frustrated if the viewings, or the offers that you need, do not materialise. So, what can you do?

Start by reviewing your current marketing strategy for selling your home. Often it is just about presentation, catching the eye of the buyer, saying the right things, showing your property in its full glory. Simple things can make a big difference. Read our checklist below.

Alternatively, contact our team below for a friendly chat about selling your home.

preparing to sell your home

Review your Home Selling Strategy



Do you have a floorplan? Including a floorplan of your home provides the buyer with perspective. It gives them an idea of the flow of the house. Including measurements and a compass to show which way the house is facing can help a buyer to imagine your home, how light is reflected and how they could live in it. Including the overall square footage of your home also helps the buyer to instantly see what they are getting for their money.


Good and carefully considered photography instantly shows people what your home is like and what is available. Is your photography showing your property in its best light? Are you showing the right rooms? Have you set the stage? Go back and read preparing to sell your home, as it has lots of useful tips on how to dress your home for photographs.


Present a story

Does your advert present the story of your home? Does the copy paint a picture in the buyer’s mind or does it just list dimensions? Are you appealing to the right audience? Think about the position you were in when you bought your home, what were you looking for? A family for example will want a safe garden and good local schools. Highlighting these points will make the buyer feel like your home is perfect for them before they have even visited.

Paint a picture

Do the photographs flow in the same order that you would view the house, providing the buyer with a picture in their mind of how they will feel when they view it in person.


Carefully select your price

Look around at similar properties, are you in the same region? Are you trying to break the price ceiling for your road? Just making the asking price a round figure can help you to appear in more online searches by aligning it to property portal search brackets.

Next step – How could a Saleability Review help you?

You need to attract the right buyer and move on to the next chapter in your life. In our Home Saleability Consultation, you can tell us about the issues you have encountered. You can explain any new features and tell us about your home. We will then create a bespoke promotional strategy for you.

Getting your marketing strategy right is essential. For every month a house is on the market it loses on average 1% of its final sale price. Buyers perceive that there must be something wrong and that’s a hard perception to overcome. So, it is best to get it right from the start and speak to us about how we can help.

What Our Customers Say

“Claire is really knowledgeable on getting the best possible price and took an exceptional amount of pride in photographing and marketing my house to the very highest standard. She sold my house in days for well in excess of the asking price. I couldn’t have wished for a better service!”